Get Responsive

Your Customers Are Mobile First. Is Your Site & Marketing?

Did you know Google has started penalizing Websites that do not give visitors an experience that is mobile friendly? We can help get your Web presence optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop so you don't need to worry about losing conversions & customers over a bad initial experience on your site.

Why Go Responsive Now:

  • In April 2015, Google once again changed its search rankings — giving priority in mobile search to sites that are responsive — and penalizing the ones that are not.
  • Why is that important? In May, Google also announced that more than half of all searches on Google are via mobile devices.
  • According to First Arriving’s 2015 survey, more than 70% of fire service professionals use Google FIRST to research industry products and services.

Test Your Site Now

Not sure if your site is responsive? Quickly analyze your site on Google to see if it has a mobile-friendly design.

Responsive Benefits Desktop, Email Too

Desktop use isn’t going anywhere — the rise of mobile isn’t killing it by any means. And that’s the great thing about having a Responsive site — it greatly increases your success on mobile without having to manage a separate “mobile” version.

And don’t forget email — responsive email┬átemplates also give you the best chance of overall opens and clicks. A report by email marketing provider Campaign Monitor highlighted some key points on┬ábeing responsive impacts your email marketing:

  • Opening email on mobile devices is now more common that desktop or webmail clients.
  • Despite that, users may be less likely to click through from mobile devices — having compelling content is critical. If a user knows your site isn’t mobile friendly, no fancy subject line or amount of email is going to get them to click through after the first bad user experience.
  • Mobile readers who open an email for a second time from their desktop are more likely to click through.


Not Responding to Responsive

A recent review of top fire service business Web sites indicated that more than 70% are not ready for today's mobile-first customer.


The Right Side of 50%

Traffic to every site is unique -- but we're starting to see more than 50% of visitors to emergency services sites come from mobile, especially those aggressively leveraging social media, search and email channel marketing. If your site isn't responsive, your desktop traffic may still grow -- but mobile will almost assuredly not.


  • Go Responsive before your competitors do.
    Customers are visiting you and your competitors when searching for products — if a prospect has to “pinch and squeeze” on mobile or your site looks “old” on desktop, and your competitor is fresh and responsive, who gets the sale?
  • Manage your Web presence from a single responsive site — A responsive Web site works great across all browsers, devices and platforms.
  • Give your users the best possible experience — increasing engagement and likelihood of leads and conversions.

We'll Take You Responsive

We have the tools, resources and experience to get your company up to speed and responsive -- your site, email templates, search and social marketing. Reach out today by hitting the Contact button or call (240) 667-7754 for an initial consultation.