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Recommend & Maximize -- Once or Ongoing

We offer many services that integrate optimization of all of your marketing efforts and platforms. The programs below are intended as a starting point for discussing how we can best help you better understand your immediate upgrade and integration needs to get the most from your Website and marketing.

Base Website Review

An initial consultation on the top 5-10 things you can do to improve your overall Web presence.
Includes Review & Recommendations on:

  • Overall site-wide search engine optimization
  • Google Analytics implementation & enhancements
  • Customized goal & conversion tracking best practices
  • Responsive/Mobile friendly review, speed testing
  • Social media sharing & services integration

» Included in select First Arriving packages

Initial & Quarterly Marketing Report

ALL of the components in the Base Website Review, plus initial and ongoing review/optimization on various marketing platforms and opportunities.
Customized Packages Include:

  • Marketing campaign tracking & optimization suggestions (not including actual campaign management)
  • Lead generation form enhancement recommendations
  • Ongoing traffic & goal/conversion review & optimization recommendations
  • Up-to-date information on the latest trends, changes & enhancements in social, search & integrated marketing
  • Regular social media Insights review & recommendations
  • Quarterly Web & social tracking report

» Included in select First Arriving packages

Maximum Google / Web Services Integration

Google not only rules search, but also offers some incredible tools to enhance your business, agency or organization. We’ll work with you to identify ways Google services may help you.
Google Max Services Include:

  • Initial review
  • Google Analytics implementation/enhancement
  • Review need for Google Webmaster Tools & Google Tag Manager
  • Google AdWords optimization & recommendations
  • Does Google for Business make sense for your business or organization? Tools include email, groups, document sharing & more
  • Google for Non-Profit options for 501(c) organizations, including free email, tools & Google advertising credits.

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Depending on your company/organization’s needs, we review any or all of the following during our marketing & Web optimization processes and make appropriate recommendations:

  • Google Analytics integration, trends & enhancements
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Competitor site, social & search analysis
  • Optimal reach potential
  • Facebook Open Graph & Twitter integrations
  • Conversion & goal tracking
  • Lead generation optimization
  • Responsive Web & email templates
  • CRM integration & leveraging existing customer database & traffic across marketing platforms
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Tag Manager
  • Integration of Google AdWords & Analytics
  • Offline marketing program tracking & optimization needs
  • Industry trends
  • & much more